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Which Poddington Pea Are You?

Due to overwhelming popular demand (well ok, two people) I decided in March 2004 to branch out into the brave new world of the pointless online quiz, and create this masterpiece of scientific vegetable analysis. Speaking as someone who once took a 'Which Care Bear Are You?' quiz, I'm well aware of the inexorable draw of these things, and seeing as I average about three Poddington Peas visitors a day to this website (don't you people have lives??) I thought perhaps I should provide something for you all to do. After all, if anyone's going to breach copyright by reproducing these images as part of a tacky quiz, it might as well be someone who used to write for the little green critters. So here you go. Enjoy.

For my other Poddington Peas stuff, head on over to my Bits & Pieces page.

Note: This quiz is not officially endorsed by Poddington PLC. Frankly they've got more sense. And they're no longer in business anyway. But the
copyright on the pics is probably still owned by Colin Wyatt. I'm just mentioning that to cover myself in an I-don't-want-to-be-sued kind of a way.

Oh, and this quiz may not be suitable for young children. But since when have young children liked The Poddington Peas, that's what I say.

As every author knows, you can't write a groundbreaking pea quiz without expecting a bit of hard-hitting and incisive criticism from your peers. And so it is that I present here a selection of the more 'interesting' comments I've received from what are surely some of the world's leading authorities on pointless online quizzes. These guys know what they're talking about, and you ignore them at your peril.

"hey man, yer quiz was gay!... well it wasnt gay but i didnt like it....nevermind,g2g bye"

"hay your quiz is wrong i ant fat your sooooooo cheeky!!!!!!"

"Your QUIZ BITES!!But try mine some time,willya?"

"hey ur a nutta! (jus like me!!!) luvin da poddington pea quiz - totally crazy!!"

"thanx for the great quiz.....i rated it a 5!"

"Your quiz's are retarded you dumb a$$"

"what is a poddington pea?"
Before clicking on that link, scroll
down and read the update below.
Go on, you know you want to.


Four and a half years after creating what has been described (mostly by me) as the finest pea-based questionnaire ever devised, I discovered that in a travesty of earth-shattering proportions, Quizilla had revamped their website and lost my quiz. Fortunately I managed to retrieve it (it was down the back of their sofa), but in an equally heart-rending twist of fate, it turned out that the all-new Quizilla website no longer supports detailed in-depth psychological analysis. Or in other words, my questions were too long.

Clicking on the link above (which I'll reproduce here for the hard of scrolling) will take you to the redesigned Quizilla site, where you can still take my quiz. Unfortunately you won't be able to read most of the questions. But fear not. Thanks to this page on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I've been able to retrieve the original quiz questions, and added them to a shiny new page on this site (in case the Wayback Machine goes tits-up too).

So in addition to following the quiz link, CLICK HERE to read the full version of the questions.

Although frankly, if you can be bothered to do all that, you clearly have no life, and need to start getting out more. You can do that when you've completed the quiz.