Why Should I Donate?

Well I'm not saying you should really. Let's face it, I've never given money to a stranger's website either. It's not a very sane thing to do. But there's always that nagging thought at the back of my head that maybe one day a multi-millionaire oil baron will be surfing the net, looking for a way to make that tax deductable charity donation and write off a couple of million before the end of the financial year. And if I'm not ready for him, I could miss out.

So that's why I've set up this donation system. I don't honestly expect the average visitor to feel they should pay for the right to view my website. I've taken the decision to make a lot of my work freely available to read here, so if you choose to do just that and no more, that's fine by me. You're very welcome.

But the writing on this website does of course represent a great many hours work on my part, so if you've enjoyed reading it, you may choose to show your appreciation by making a small donation. Or a large donation. But probably a small donation. It's a way of recognising that just because something's available for free, doesn't mean it's not worth paying for. (Just because something's available for free..... yeah, I think that makes sense.)

What do I get for my money?

You get the satisfaction of knowing that you've said a proper thankyou for being entertained. Assuming you have been. If you haven't, I'm extremely grateful for the money, but really, you shouldn't go throwing away your cash on websites you don't like. It's just stoopid. But that doesn't mean I won't accept it.

In addition, you'll receive my heartfelt gratitude and a certain amount of everlasting love. If you'd rather not have the love, you can notify me of that on the payment processing page. The warm inner glow of your generosity is yours to keep however. And I may add you to my Christmas card list.

I believe the Charity Commission are also drawing up a new set of rules which state that having made a donation to this website, you're officially entitled to ignore the next charity collecting box which is rattled in your face outside Asda. Just give them my website address, and tell them you've already given to the mentally ill this Christmas.

How much should I give?

It's entirely your decision. You are free to enter any amount you choose in the box. I would however ask that you donate a minimum of 50p, because I get charged for each transaction, so much less than that and we both end up with nothing, which kind of defeats the purpose. That aside, feel free to give whatever you can afford, and whatever you feel I'm worth. If, for example, you've spent an entire evening reading one of my full length plays, you may feel inclined to give more than if you've just dropped by and read one piece of micro fiction. But ultimately it's down to you.

How do I donate?

Clicking on any of the Donate buttons on the writing pages will take you to a secure page at PayPal, where you can choose how much to give, and have your payment quickly and securely processed. If you're not already a PayPal member, you will be prompted for the details required to sign you up and complete the payment. Please note, the entire payment process is conducted through PayPal, on their secure server - I have no access to your credit card or banking details. I don't even ask for your address. So you can donate with complete confidence, even if you have a total lack of trust in me personally.

Decided to donate? (Are you mad?) Click on the button below.
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